Here we have collected the most common questions and answers.

Does it cost anything to create a profile?
It is completely free to create a profile both as a supporter and as a team/individual athlete.

How do I create a profile?
Go to signup on the home page and create a profile with your email. Alternatively, log in with Google or Facebook.

How do I update my profile to get full access?
Only teams, organisations and athletes can get full access. Apply via your profile and we will contact you.

How larges files can i upload?
For now we have a limit on 1GB for file upload.

What does it cost for a team to use your platform?
It is completely free to join and we only charge a service avg of 15% of your earnings which means that the teams keep whole 90%.
This amount is used to develop the platform, pay for servers, storage spaces and salaries.
So there is no financial risk to join us, but when you make money, we do too.

What payment system do you use and is it secure?
We use Stripe as a payment system. It is one of the world's largest payment systems and is very secure.

All prices are shown excluding VAT
All prices are shown excluding VAT and will be added to the price. The VAT added depends on which contry you are in.

Transaktionsfee and Servicecharge
Transaktionfee from Stripe plus servicechare are 4.5% + 0.3 cent som tas ut vid alla transaktioner.

Happens via Stripe connect directly to your specified account on the 25th of each month, your wallet is emptied and the money is transferred to your specified bank account.
From the 25th, it takes 3-5 banking days before you have the money in your account?

Happens via Stripe and you can choose to either pay directly from the card or "top up" / use money in your wallet under your profile"